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An entertaining and…

… informative ride!

You are welcome to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of Sint-Laureins.
In an original way you can traverse a varied scenery of creeks, dikes, polders, brooks…

Birds are never far away in this grand landscape of creeks and polders.
They accompany the visitors on their journey and screech an inarticulate language.

The coachman recounts animatedly the history of the creeks and dikes.
He explains the unexpectedly emerging surprises.

In brief, the miracle of nature, as you can experience only here in this quiet northern area of Flanders, a place to pause and get back one's breath.


We offer two formulas:
- standard ride -
a fixed ride of one hour during the period from
May 1 till September 30 (appointment only)

- for groups -
a program fitted to your wishes,
with consumption on the farm or in a tavern
(appointment only)

Information and reservations

call to
"vzw 't Kerrespeur" 
tel. +32 (0)474 504 893
after 2:00 PM


A day without humdrum... take a ride with "Kerrespeur" !

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